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Ocimum Biosolutions Launches ASCENTA® System v5.0

Hyderabad, India, April 14, 2014: Ocimum Biosolutions launches Ascenta 5.0 with new sample sets pre-curated from public repositories.

ASCENTA® System v5.0 is a biomarker discovery knowledge base with matched disease – normal sample sets plus analytical tools that assess, prioritize, and qualify your gene targets – across tissues, across pathways or diseases conditions. ASCENTA includes gene expression data from 10,000+ clinical samples generated at Gene Logic. With this release Ocimum offers additional 2000 Affymetrix data from Gene Expression Omnibus (GEO), a step forward to keep up with today’s high throughput science and in turn enable in-depth exploration of disease context.

Mr. Subash Lingareddy, President of Ocimum Biosolutions, said, “ Ascenta System is a powerful tool for Biomarker discovery and validation, used by Pharma, Biotech and Research Institutes across the globe for many years and now Ascenta System v5.0 gives more advantage to researchers in doing a comparative analysis using both Proprietary data and GEO open source data in a single frame”.
About ASCENTA® System v5.0

ASCENTA® is an invaluable research tool for biotechnology and pharmaceutical researchers to assess a
disease state by comparing and contrasting expression profiles of biologically-relevant pre-curated data.

  • Clinical annotations enriching relevance of samples defined by relevant clinical parameters such as morphology, disease stage, gender, age, and medication
  • Introducing Gene Ontology Module for researchers to interpret differentially expressed genes based on gene ontology
  • Pathway Prioritizer™ -Regulation of differential gene expression ranked across metabolic and regulatory pathways
  • Marker/X™ – Ascertain genes with unique expression and differential regulation patterns
  • Global Mean e-Northern® – Regulation of a target gene expression profile across a panorama of human disease or normal tissues and cell lines.
  • Diff/X™ Reports – Summary information on events of genes

For more information, visit ASCENTA® System v5.0.

About Ocimum Biosolutions

Ocimum is a comprehensive genomics solutions provider with service offerings that span Sample and Data Management (LIMS, Biologics Data Management), Genomics Data Analysis Services such as Gene Expression, Genotyping, and Next Gen Sequencing; Bioinformatics and Genomics Databases (BioExpress®, ToxExpress®).

Ocimum’s expertise, global infrastructure, large capacity, standardized procedures and highly skilled staff make it one of a handful of preferred outsourcing partners global companies.. The Company’s wide ranging solutions support an array of drug development programs such as pre-clinical target development, Toxicogenomic analysis, clinical biomarker identification, patient stratification and Pharmacogenomics. Ocimum’s solutions are also used in industries such as food, agriculture, environment, chemicals and cosmetics.

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