As molecular cloning process warrants the use of expertise, equipment and reagents while ensuring that stringent quality control conditions are met, it impedes its use of this technique in many labs.

Having understood the research needs and technicalities involved as part of our Research as a Service( RaaS) model, we at Ocimum Biosolutions offer a wide range of Cloning services with timely results delivered through our proprietary LIMS system, Biotracker™

Ocimum Biosolutions offers a gamut of cloning services

  • Full length cloning of cDNA

    Isolation and amplification of specific cDNA by RT-PCR and cloning into a vector of your requirement.

  • Cloning of PCR products

    DNA fragments of interest can be amplified by PCR and cloned into a standard vector, TA cloning vector or vector of your choice. Size of the PCR product and the choice of polymerase is unrestricted.

  • Cloning of synthetic genes

    The synthetic DNA fragments or genes can cloned into a standard vector, TA cloning vector or a vector of your choice.

When a gene of particular interest is studied or used as probe, researchers need to have a multiple copies of that gene and this can be achieved by using molecular cloning techniques. While Cloning is normally employed to amplify DNA fragments containing genes, it can be used to amplify any DNA sequence such as promoters, non-coding sequences, oligonucleotides or randomly fragmented DNA