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Arabidopsis 25K OciChip™

Arabidopsis thaliana is the organism of choice for basic research in plant biology. The genomic sequence of A. thaliana with a rather small size of 125 Mb has been completed in the year 2000. Although it is not grown commercially, it is favored among scientists as it develops, reproduces, and responds to stress and disease in much the same way as many crop plants. Moreover, with a rapid life cycle, efficient transformation methods, and a large number of mutant lines, it offers important advantages for basic research in plant genetics and molecular biology.

Plant biologists have relied upon A. thaliana to help them understand the genetics, physiology, development, and structure of plants in general. Therefore, A. thaliana has become the number one model organism to investigate, e.g., how plants react to general environmental stresses such as darkness, pathogens, cold, drought, or salt, by orchestrating gene expression accordingly.

Unique Advantages

Highest specificity: all probes   are cross-checked with Smith-  Waterman and BLAST
Oligo probe QC by MALDI-TOF   MS
Extensive quality controls
Combine with Hybridization   Service for fastest results
Pack includes:

Hybridization buffer
QC protocol

This array is also available as OligoSet or Oligo Test Set

Discover the advantage of having this array as a starter array / kit to establish an exciting, new technology in your lab without using expensive full genome arrays in the learning phase.

Minimal number of genes 24652
Information sources NCBI / Ftp-site: ftp://ftp.ncbi.nih.gov/genomes/Arabidopsis_thaliana/ Release: Year: 2002 Month: January Day: 31
Strand analyzed Sense strand
Number of slides 1
Length of probes 50 mer
Number of oligo-nucleotides per gene 1
Total number of spots 24960
Housekeeping genes Rubisco in 49 spots
Rat control oligos 10 different, total of 260 spots
Spot area 1.8 x 5.4 cm
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