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Partial list of Ocimum customers around the globe in a wide range of industries.


  • Sanofi-Aventis


    Sanofi Aventis is a multinational pharmaceutical company engaged in the research and development, manufacturing and marketing of pharmaceutical products. Ocimum established a “Biological Sample Management and Repository Tracking System” (BioSMARTS) with its LIMS product Biotracker™ as a global solution for Sanofi-Aventis (SA) for on-line internal sharing of information, biological sample management and tracking, sample stock management and reporting functionalities.

  • Syngenta-logo-7A4D6666CA-seeklogo.com

    Syngenta is one of the world’s leading companies dedicated to the purpose of bringing plant potential to life.Biotracker™ solution implemented at Syngenta Biotechnology Inc. (SBI) in Research Triangle, North Carolina not only addressed the limitations faced by the lab but also helped in supporting high throughput processing of samples and facilitated easy analysis of Quality Control data. Further, this solution also helped the users make decisions on the feasibility of executing subsequent steps in a process. The extensive configurability, exhaustive search feature and reports proposed as part of this system helped the SBI user groups significantly with the ability to provide limited user access, electronic viewing of required documents, data availability and accountability.

  • novartis

    Novartis is a global leader in healthcare developing products to cure diseases and improve health and well-being. Biotracker™ designed for Novartis, referred to as GenEx LIMS, was customized for managing genetic and genomic expression experiments.

  • 200906dms2

    Pioneer is an international agricultural biotechnology firm engaging in cutting-edge research dedicated to inventing and building seed crop genetic improvement. Biotracker™ customized for the Microarray core facility at Pioneer increased the efficiency of core facility users by enabling automated data capture from Bioanalyzer and Hitachi Spectrophotometer along with online request submission, sample tracking & batching, dye swap setups, reporting on line for requesters and in the client for lab users, tracking chip designs and lastly generating a GEML file for each sample to facilitate further data analysis using Rosetta Resolver.

  • utoronto_logo

    The HIV Research Group (UTHRG) at University of Toronto, deals with the understanding the differential host susceptibility to infectious diseases and applying information gained to vaccine development. Ocimum developed a client – server based laboratory information and knowledge management system to collect, store, view, display and query clinical diagnosis, clinical laboratory tests, demographic information and related data with bibliographic information of laboratory personnel, procedures, inventories and results.

  • NRC_1

    The National Research Council (NRC) is a premier organization of Government of Canada which conducts scientific research and development. Biotracker™ implemented for NRC was a client/server based laboratory information and knowledge management system, customized to collect, store, view, display and query sequence related data with bibliographic information of laboratory personnel, procedures, inventories and results

  • university_medical_center_rotterdam_erasmusmc_logo_210x105__png_210x105_q85

    Erasmus MC is a leading university medical center in The Netherlands and is counted amongst the 40 best research institutes worldwide. The Biobanks at Erasmus play a significant role in terms of supporting on-going as well as future research initiatives. Biotracker™ Biobanking solution helped the Biobanks at Erasmus replace the homegrown system and bring in a thorough track and trace of samples along with providing capability to handle voluminous data, a powerful search engine, and a more real-time location-mapping tool.

  • 13179958931

    Malaysian Biotechnology Corporation was established in 2005 to identify value propositions in both R&D and commerce and support these ventures via financial assistance and developmental services. Biotracker™ implemented for MBC has been put in use for novel biomarker discovery and validation processes and quality metrics. Biotracker™ LIMS sample manager, live stock manager, Marker and PG Locus ID management, SNP chip design and management, predefined and highly configurable protocols and work flows have efficiently integrated with ‘SNP typing’ platforms of Sequenom MassARRAY®, Illumina iScan, DNA Landmarks IMP and the ABI3730xl based micro satellite detection and validation enabling efficient molecular agricultural genomic research focus for increased agricultural and livestock quality. With Biotracker™, the customer interaction, integration, exploration and analysis of vast quantities of data existing in multiple heterogeneous data repositories have been made easier.

  • bayer2

    Bayer is a global company with core expertise in healthcare, nutrition and high tech materials. The LIMS implemented for Bayer was a Biotracker™ for Biobanking solution allowing the user to manage Donor, Biospecimens, Recipient Blocks, TMA/CMA across multiple locations along with submitting and processing request samples.

  • acgtinc

    ACGT Inc is a plantation company in Malaysia that develops and commercialises genomics-based solutions that have potential to increase crop productivity and value. Biotracker™ solution for ACGT was customized to capture all field/sample data (including sequencer based data, genomic markers, and gel data) and allow sharing of key information across research departments; create and review standard operating procedures and track changes as they evolve; integrate key instruments and automate data transfer; link key documents; and generate appropriate reports exportable in excel file by the user.

  • images

    Cellular Technology Limited (CTL) has long been recognized as the leader in peer-reviewed scientific publications on ELISPOT assays, instrumentation, and software, as well as their clinical applications. The wide array of products and services that are offered by CTL while accommodating the FDA requirements means maintaining a tremendous amount of paper based records. Although the paper based records are quite secure, other tasks such as reporting of data becomes a very tedious and time consuming. This gap could be bridged by implementing a LIMS solution that automates data track and trace while maintaining the compliance. In this context, CTL after a review of solutions had chosen Biotracker™. The LIMS solution from Ocimum Biosolutions provided such capabilities (sample and its data track and trace) and addressed both short term (integrity of data, managing client services and automation) and long term (scalability) goals at CTL.

  • mdacc_rgb_tc_tag_v

     MD Anderson Cancer Center, the world’s largest cancer facility, has been using Biotracker™ for various core research and services facilities such as genotyping, gene expression and sequencing. The LIMS was customized to streamline and automate request and sample submission process by customers and financial review & approval by core lab managers. Further highly configurable and customized lab processes and work flows helped the core lab staff follow protocols, automatically capture data from instruments, note observations and store results securely and easily in a central data repository, making it available to customers. The add on modules namely Sample manager, instrument manager, inventory tracking and reordering have been of great help in managing the laboratory equipment efficiently. Additionally the LIMS enabled generation of invoice, reports, email notifications, audits, and other managerial tasks, greatly reducing the time and cost.

  • National_Yang-Ming_University_Logo

    National Yang-Ming University (YMU), a research university located in Taiwan, is famous for research in Medicine, Life Sciences and Biotechnology. National Microarray & Gene Expression Analysis Core Facility of the National Research Program for Genomic Medicine, YMU is a microarray facility which processes client’s service request, runs the required tests and sends the results back to clients. Biotracker™ implemented for YMU was customized to maintain all data and information in one database that can be searched.

  • nocl

    Nagarjuna Fertilizers and Chemicals Limited (NFCL), flagship company of the Nagarjuna Group, is a leading manufacturer and supplier of plant nutrients in India. Biotracker™ implemented for NFCL was customized to efficiently manage large amounts of project related data, samples information & equipments data; provide features for designing work flows along with project management tools such as personnel, resources scheduling, & inventory management; enable tracking of samples linked to project at any point of time; have effective tools for reporting the findings of projects and exporting them to concerned authorities; maintain one database for all project related information with security and tampered proof; integrate all instruments and electronically upload data and store them; allow user to generate reports based on personnel and tasks and send them for review and approval to concerned authorities; and lastly enable controlled access based on privileges.

  • UNM_370x278

    The University of New Mexico is a public research university located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States. Biotracker™ customized for UNM provided a single robust point of access with a user-friendly interface for researchers enabling them to collect, store, view, display and query data emerging out of many types of projects, including, but not limited to, animal projects, human projects, and infectious disease projects as well as efficiently carry out administration of lab personnel, manage inventory and resources for optimized planning and utilization, maintaining bibliographic information of experimental procedures and to capture, analyze, store, retrieve and report experimental outcomes.

  • 104798

    Accugenix strives to be the leading provider of most accurate and compliant methods for the identification and strain typing of microorganisms using the most advanced technologies. Biotracker™ customized for Accugenix replaced the company’s paper-based manual system with a fully automated, integrated, and compliant Laboratory Information Management System to meet the increasing demand for services.

  • logo3

    EID Parry Ltd., a public company headquartered in Chennai, India is currently engaged in the manufacturing and marketing of sugar and bio-products. Biotracker™ LIMS implemented for EID Parry was an out of the box application with little or no customization to manage large amounts of data related to samples, instruments, inventories and plates. Protocol design and approval, project and resource scheduling modules helped the core lab staff and lab managers manage the day to day testing and validation processes involving Algae manufacturing. Biotracker™ enabled better planning, execution, collecting & storing data and generating reports required for intensive scientific process involving Algae and other Bio- products manufacturing, thus saving time & cost and predominantly increasing efficiency and quality.

  • bridging-the-gap

    Pharmacogenomics centre (PGC) is a collaborative effort of University of Montreal, Genome Quebec and Montreal Heart Institute. PGC offers genotyping services to its investigators in its state-of-the-art labs with a capacity to generate tremendous amount of valuable data for genomic polymorphisms in candidate genes. Ocimum developed a custom solution for PGC that addressed all of PGC’s LIMS requirements in handling client’s orders, sample collection, processing, QC, reporting and sending status, reports and results to customer.